Monday, April 28, 2014

070 SBP Greetings from New York! Cont.

Times Square on New Years Eve
Crossing off the ball drop from my bucket list :)

I chose to include some of the places I ate at during my trip. My favorites were:

Shake Shack: I think this is my all-time favorite burger. I crave it all the time....
Lexington Candy Shop: Old-fashion smoothies and Coca-Cola! It was so delicious and if you sit at the bar, the owner might show you how its all made!
Argo Tea: Did someone say White Frostea Chocolate drink?!?! One of my favorite tea drinks.
Takashi: Calf's Brain Cream (in a tube), Testicargot, Soft-Boiled Egg en Cocotte...yum.

If you ever get a chance, definitely check these yummy places out!