Thursday, June 12, 2014

073: Summer In Progress

Hope you all are having a fantastic summer!
Here's a work in progress :) Can't wait to see the end results!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

072: Hei: Published!

(Cover art by Solomon Enos)
 Last year, I received a copy of the much anticipated book, Hūlili Volume 8: Hei: Hawaiian String Figures: Hawaiian Memory Culture and Mnemonic Practice.  I produced several illustrations for the article by Kalani Akana, that were published in the volume. Here are some photos of the final product!
Find my illustrations from pages 45-70!

You may also view more of my illustrations and other articles published in the volume at:


Sunday, May 25, 2014

071: SBP Greetings from New York Cont.





Brooklyn Art Library
I can finally cross of Brooklyn Art Library off my bucket list :)
A charming space holding the largest collection of sketchbooks! Get a free library card and with every sketchbook you view, they'll give you an extra sketchbook to look at!
 I was reunited with my first SBP, Hope, and even got to see Time & The Way We Travel (includes a 2page spread of my illustration) being sold.
If by any chance you are stopping by Brookly Art Library, ask for call number 234.55-3. for Greetings from New York.

Monday, April 28, 2014

070 SBP Greetings from New York! Cont.

Times Square on New Years Eve
Crossing off the ball drop from my bucket list :)

I chose to include some of the places I ate at during my trip. My favorites were:

Shake Shack: I think this is my all-time favorite burger. I crave it all the time....
Lexington Candy Shop: Old-fashion smoothies and Coca-Cola! It was so delicious and if you sit at the bar, the owner might show you how its all made!
Argo Tea: Did someone say White Frostea Chocolate drink?!?! One of my favorite tea drinks.
Takashi: Calf's Brain Cream (in a tube), Testicargot, Soft-Boiled Egg en Cocotte...yum.

If you ever get a chance, definitely check these yummy places out!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

068: SBP Greetings from New York! Cont.

06 Grand Central Terminal
"Grand Central Terminal's ceilings are grand!" squeaked the little mouse.
This illustration includes hot dogs from the Sabretto hot dog stands you see at every NY street corner and oysters from the Oyster Bar. Best oysters ever! mmmmm.

07 New York Botanical Garden
It was raining pretty hard when we visited the New York Botanical Garden, so our main stop was at their Holiday Train Show!! Model trains zoom-zooming through miniature sculptures of NY landmarks... made out of plants! Plants! You even get a look into "The Artists Studio" - an insiders look at the process of making the model landmarks.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

067: SBP Greetings from New York! Cont.

05: The New York Public Library
One of my favorite places is the NYC Public Library. Everything about this building is breathtaking. It makes you wonder how anyone can study in such a beautiful place!
In addition, they have a great exhibition going on, THE ABC OF IT: Why Children Books Matter. I was very excited to see it and so so so glad I did!
"The ABC of It is an examination of why children’s books are important: what and how they teach children, and what they reveal about the societies that produced them. Through a dynamic array of objects and activities, the exhibition celebrates the extraordinary richness, artistry, and diversity of children’s literature across cultures and time."
Can't get much better than that. :)


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

066: SBP Greetings From New York!

Last week, I sent off my Sketchbook Project 2014 to the Brooklyn Art Library. With all the time that goes into it, sending my sketchbooks off is always a bitter sweet moment... My theme is "Greetings From...", which I thought was perfect as I chose to document my New York trip....
 1 2
 3 4
From December 30th to January 5th, I traveled to New York!!! I have never seen so much in such a short period of time, it was such a unique and rich experience. I will never forget it!!!
Instead of posting all of my sketchbook pages in one post, I decided to split it up as there is too much to talk about!

Front and back cover
Title page
Bryant Park: Our first night in New York, we dashed to Bryant Park where they have an ice rink with a beautiful ornamented tree (I liked this much more than Rockefeller's tree which was coned off, while at Bryant we were able to go up and touch the tree) and holiday shops. We grabbed apple cider at Big Apple Cider- which was perfect for standing in line in the cold! It even came with a cinnamon stick! Skating under the Christmas tree and New York lights was a very magical experience and a perfect beginning to our NY adventure!
This page documents some of the places we visited...
Ghost Buster Fire Station: Who you gonna call?! Ghost Busters! and now I know where their fire house is! :P
Empire State Building: Don't forget to look up at night! They change the colors of the lights!
Washington Square: One of my favorite parks in NY. We were greeted by a very friendly squirrel, passed by chess tables, and ran into pigeon man. It must be even more beautiful during the warmer weather.
Rockefeller (Top of the Rock): Best view of NY!

That's all for now :) Until next time!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

065: An Update on 2013

Happy 2014! It's been a's what I've been up to :)
April: Received Frame My Future Honorable Mention Certificate.
Church Hill named 36 Honorable Mentions and I was very happy to be one of them. Check out all the honorable mentions on Church Hill Classics Pinterest including my submission, "Not So Far Far Away"

November: Navatek Illustration: "Tools of a Naturalist"
I was asked to produce a 24"x30" illustration and a coloring page for a new exhibition on the Navatek cruise. I am very excited to be a part of an interactive art piece, where children add their own unique touches to my illustration!

December/January 2014: New York!
New York was amazing- so many new experiences and great memories- including being reunited with one of my sketchbooks at the Brooklyn Art Library (I can cross that off my bucket list, now).
For my recently submitted, Sketchbook Project 2014, I illustrated my adventures in New York!  Stay tuned for pictures!
Be sure to check back for pictures on personal work, too!