Thursday, January 24, 2013

063: ABC's Book

This is so awesome!
Character Animation artist, Thomas Teraoka!!
A amazinnnnng picture of my really good art buddy, Thomas Teraoka, in NY! What's that he's holding? My self-published ABC's book!!! This picture makes me so happy  :) If his name sounds familiar it's because he's part of PBJ. He goes to CALARTS and is amazing. Very talented!!!
There are only a couple books (< 10) left! To get your hands on a limited-edition, numbered, and signed ABC's book, order them here at my shop!
AND look at these goodies! Little mini watercolor books! Perfection! Thank you Thomas!!! I can't wait to use them :)
If you own my ABC's book, please take a picture with it or write a testimony and email it to with subject "ABC's Picture/Testimony".
I would love to share it!

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