Wednesday, January 23, 2013

062: Artemisia Gold Vol.1

Happy New Year!
For my first post of the year I would like to talk a little bit about a wonderfully magical zine called "Artemisia Gold, Vol. 1" a art and music zine. I received this handmade booklet in the mail earlier this month, and felt it was a sign for great things to come this year!! It is a wonderful compilation of visual work and music! This book was initiated last year, by Liz Layton, a good friend of mine that I met in Iceland. Here's a bit on what you can find in the zine...

The visual artists featured include:
Amanda Richardson
and me

The musical mix includes:
A La Carte
Bradley Bailey
Dana Gillian
Jake, Jake, Jake & the multiple Jet Ski Collisions
Medam Boat
Mikhail Alley
Prince Rama
Always love the decorated packages and little art prints and goodies from Liz!

Here's a little Q&A with Liz!

Will the zine be available to the public? If so, how can others get their hands on one?
1) yes! The zine is currently available as trade with other zine makers, which I will soon make a blog post about, on Also, it can be purchased as a prize, on this fundraising site:
What made you decide to make a zine?
2) I have made zine-type objects in the past, usually just online one, for fun when I was a kid. This first official printed zine I made, is in response to a post on my FAVORITE online magazine (and mag in general), Rookie, on They have everything amazing, to do with art, music, culture, feminism, creative stories, and also informative articles.
Are there any new projects you are working on?!
3) I am currently working on my first official music video, with actors, a set, etc, for a band lead by my friend, Bradley Bailey. I also have a joint painting/installation/performance exhibit coming up with my friend Jaime Santos-Prowse, at Nelson's Gallery, here in East Tenn., going on through the month of March. And, I am starting to collect equipment to start an independent film production company.

Don't forget to get your hands on "Artemisia Gold, Vol. 1" by supporting Liz and her film production dreams by going to Please help in any way possible to make her dream a reality!

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