Wednesday, November 21, 2012

059: Update

Check it out! "Night Becomes Day" was accepted at EatSleepDraw! With 849 <3's! So crazy!
Someone commented "Oh my I love this put it in my eyes." That's great, that really is :) haha.
Thank you!

058: Printing & Publishing

Hey everyone!
Hope you all are doing great :)
As I mentioned before, I have a book that I've finished and I've sent off to the printers. I am very excited about it and have just received the final proof today. I really would like to show some sneak peeks but I've promised those who have signed up for my newsletters that they will be seeing it first. ah! So, please, sign up for the newsletters
What I do want to do is tell you a bit about self publishing and printing. At least, what I have learned so far!
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A Little Bit About

First, do your research on printing companies, both local and online. You really want to pick a place that will meet your printing needs. I was really looking into price and quality. Here are a couple that I have looked into...I'm missing a couple, but hopefully I can find them and I'll add em here later :)(Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions!)

Oahu Printing Companies:
Aloha Graphics:
Obun Hawaii:
Professional Images Hawaii: (I went with Proimages. They have multiple locations around Oahu...I had several nice walks)

Online Printing Companies:
Dog Ear Publishing: (This company is really helpful and friendly. I'll definitely consider using Dog Ear when I can afford it.)
VioVio: (I was really excited about Viovio because you only pay for those books that are printed. They even have an online library that other people can look at and purchase your book(s) from. Sadly, I was just having difficulty customizing my images (which are an odd size) to their templates. In other words, I was a wee bit lazy! That, and I really wanted my book to be a certain size that they didn't offer.)

What's great is that they all give quotes on their website and get back to you quickly. But, you need to know what those printing terms are first! Proimages asked me to call them since I had left most of the quote questionnaires with "I'm not sure". oopsie. Saddle ... bleed....What? So they educated me!

Here are just a couple
that I ran into:
Full Bleed: Refers to the area of the image that will be trimmed off so that your image covers the whole page. Your image will have no white margin and part of your image will be cut-off. If you go with this option you will want to include an additional 1/8" along the edges of your image.
No Bleed: If your image has a white border, it does not require a bleed. This is the more economical option compared to Bleed.
Perfect Binding: Type of binding. I believe most paper and soft cover books are perfect bound. The cover is customized by a typesetter so that you will have a spine that goes with your front & back cover. The pages are then glued to the spine of the wraparound cover. I went with this option, since aesthetically, it is the most professional.
Saddle Stitching: Type of binding. The most economical option where two or three staples are inserted along the folded edge. I considered this option since it's the cheapest (I'm so chang!) and I have a friend who uses saddle stitching and its quite nice, but something about staples and little kids didn't sit well with me.
Proof: A sample of your final product so that you can see how your colors, images, text, binding, etc came out. They charge for proofs, so be sure that you know what you want before you send the final product off to be printed.

After you have figured out which company you would like to go with and how you would like it to be printed, you will be given a proof.  Printing is not cheap, so be sure that you tell them if something is wrong with the proof. My proof needed some changes- my images were not centered and my cover just did not show up how I wanted due to slight changes in color, so I ended up illustrating another one...which actually worked out a lot better! :) Once you confirm that you love, love, love your proof, they will start printing your products and assemble them! Yay :) I can't wait!

Thank you to all those who have been giving me honest feedback and support!
Love you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

057: Website

I am very very happy to announce the opening of my very own website!
Yay! and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletters, as they have exclusive promotions and updates ;)
psst! I just sent a book in to be printed. It will be available soon on my store! Sneak peeks soon!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

056: Monsters

The Encounter, Gouache, 2012
Kimberlie Wong
Check out Kissaten to see the Monsters Show!
I had this crazy dream about a boy from Mexico traveling on a fancy hot air balloon and I told myself (in my dream) "I have to write a children's book about this!"...It must be because I've been working on a children's book!... but, I have no clue how Mexico and balloons fit into this. hmm.