Sunday, July 1, 2012

041: Hrisey: Bird Spirit

Here are some works that I made during my time on Hrisey Island.

This was a gift to the school which I placed in the kitchen area. The washing machine was notorious for being a mystery (atleast when I was there). It also made monster noises and tried to attack us at night!

Many visits to the cozy grocery store led to playing on the free arcade machine. This was a gift to Júlíus, the owner of Júllabúð Hrísey and my new friend!

Now, part of the permanent collection of the Hrisey museum- an illustration of Gamli Skoli, Hrisey's magic mountains, fish drying racks, and the unforgettable aurora borealis. 

The bird spirit is a representation of my memories made on Hrisey and of the other birds that come and go from the island. I miss you Hrisey!!!  

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