Monday, July 23, 2012

047: Monster(s) Project

Good morning! Yesterday, I started on my second Monster piece! Here are the two pieces I have so far...I am not sure if they are done yet. Especially since they will be passed onto 4 other artists.  

M is for Monster

Meeting the Unicorn
She just needs something clever to say...hmm.

For now, I have to put aside the project this week because I am working on a portrait(s) for an upcoming show at Ward. I am very nervous and antsy right now, but mostly super excited. More info when it becomes available to me :)

Also, I've been getting emails and texts from friends and family supporting me and my work! I just wanted to say thank you!! Hi Brooke! Hi Audris! Hi Mom! Hi!!!
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Okay, bye!

Friday, July 20, 2012

046: Monster(s) Project

Last month, my friends and I found a great place to showcase our work. Since then we have been discussing our new collaborative project based on monsters. This week we found frames and have begun working on our illustrations. This is my first illustration in-progress, which is based on alphabet books. I am having so much fun, and I can't wait to trade it with the next artist. Oh! The local artists part of the Monster(s) Project are: Heather Matsuura, Thomas Teraoka, Maura Takeshita, and Kelly Cat!

M is for Monster

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

O45: Hei

Hei: Hawaiian String Figures

Here are one of the pages from Hei with my illustrations! I was sent a copy of the article by Keith Akana, the author. So exciting :) I believe it is going to be available soooon!

Also, last week I had a meeting with the PBJ group. It now consists of three artists- Purcell Anthony, Thomas Teraoka, and myself. Our first posts will be by the end of the week. Please make sure to check it out ;3

Monday, July 9, 2012

043: Meeting With Monsters

I am very excited to introduce Meeting with Monsters- a collaborative stop motion animation on Iceland's mysterious mystical creatures. Yeah! This film is based and named after Meeting with Monsters by Jón Baldur Hlídberg and Sigurdur Aegisson.
Thanks so much to Verena Faisst for her stop motion and photographic skills and Alexander Cinthorne for narrarating!
You may view the video here.

Monday, July 2, 2012

042: Light Reading

Light Reading, Ink and Watercolor, 2012

Oh my. Catching up on blog posts and websites can take such a long time.
Anyway, I updated my Art House Co-op account with my Limited Edition Series. I also realized that I forgot to post some of the pages in my 035 post! So, here they are...but you can also see them on my Art House account :) Oopsies!!

Yay! Have a good day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

041: Hrisey: Bird Spirit

Here are some works that I made during my time on Hrisey Island.

This was a gift to the school which I placed in the kitchen area. The washing machine was notorious for being a mystery (atleast when I was there). It also made monster noises and tried to attack us at night!

Many visits to the cozy grocery store led to playing on the free arcade machine. This was a gift to Júlíus, the owner of Júllabúð Hrísey and my new friend!

Now, part of the permanent collection of the Hrisey museum- an illustration of Gamli Skoli, Hrisey's magic mountains, fish drying racks, and the unforgettable aurora borealis. 

The bird spirit is a representation of my memories made on Hrisey and of the other birds that come and go from the island. I miss you Hrisey!!!  

040: Icelandic Owl

Hello from Hawai'i! Here is my Icelandic owl (wearing a traditional Icelandic wool outfit) I made from my journeys. She appears in my limited edition sketchbook project, which by the way, is going to be published soon! yay :)