Monday, May 28, 2012

039: Nes Open House

Yesterday, March 27th, Nes Residency opened its doors to Skagastrond. The show included works from Christian Vásquez, Alexander Clithorne, Leá Donnan, Verena Faisst, Katharina Kamph, Liz Layton, Theresa Northway, Rosella Piccinno, Ülgen Semerci, Polly Staton, and Kimberlie Wong (that's me!). Here are pictures of my space for the show and collaborations with Nes artists.

Handcrafted business cards. Each one made when I had spare time here at Nes.
A Hrisey Story- collaboration between Xander Clinthorne and myself.
Rosella Piccinno, prophetess for the day, watching Draumar- a collaboration with Liz Layton and myself (see entry 038). The space also includes illustrations of Iceland inspired birds and my new owl character that I will be making short stories with.
Fantastical creatures inspired by Iceland! This was a collaboration between Christian Vasquez and myself.

Katharina Kamph and Nes board member viewing the collaborative film between Verena Faisst and myself. 

 Today, Nes was visited by a family. The children enjoyed the Hrisey Story collaboration!

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