Saturday, May 19, 2012

037: Stop Motion Collaboration

Hello from Skagastrond! I am at Nes artist residency with a total of 11 new friends and talented artists. It is a great group to have in the studio.
This month one of the residents,Verena Faisst, asked me to participate in a sound project based on my idea of an island. At the same time, I was introduced to some of her beautiful stop motion animations so I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with her on a stop motion animation! Below are pictures of my illustrations for our collaboration on Icelandic sea monsters. We have been shooting them in a fish tank and that is the reason for the washed out colors and holes. It is my first time working on stop motion and seeing the results is so amazing! Thank you Verena!

I will also be collaborating with Liz Layton on a stop motion about the prophetess here in Skagastrond! We are starting to form a story and collecting backdrops and illustrations. Exciting ;3 Pictures soon!

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