Friday, May 4, 2012

036: Hrisey

This April I was accepted to the Gamli Skoli artist residency on Hrisey Island in Iceland.  After our show (see entry 034), I decided to document the island of Hrisey. Here are some quick watercolor and ink sketches of places I often passed by and/or visited.
The one and only grocery store of Hrisey Island. Great customer service!

A movie at the Saeborg was one of the most enjoyable movie experiences of my life!

 Restaurant Brekka
Get the traditional Icelandic fish meal!

Cafe Hrisey opened its doors to us in April. It is run by a very lovely and talented chef- Inga. I dream about her food-soup, burgers, fish, cookies and cakes! So ono!

Museum of Hrisey (Shark Museum)
A beautiful museum documenting the history of Hrisey and their fisheries. I'm very excited because one of my works will be a part of their collection. Pictures soon :)


  1. Nice images. I am at Gamli skóli on Hrísey now, for another day and a half.

  2. You can see some of my Hrísey videos here, if you like.