Monday, March 26, 2012

030: Clinthorne Residency

Hello! I am reporting from Michigan- Clinthorne Residency! I have been collaborating with Alexander  Clinthorne (aka Xander) making imaginary inhabitants/mystical creatures. When I arrived in Michigan ~2 weeks ago, Alex was showing me some of the work that he was doing over the winter. To my surprise he had started a creature that was inspired by my character design! I am so honored! ;3 Since then we have worked together to create 4 creatures. Here are pictures from a few days ago of our creatures going into the oven! Very exciting!!!

I have also been learning from Susan Clinthorne, a very talented watercolor/pastel artist, who has been teaching me watercolor and pastel techniques. She is also teaching me a lot about the wildlife and plants that grow in the great lakes region. It has been so much fun!!
On Sunday, I was treated to a workshop by Michael Konas. I will post my work in progress soon!!!

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