Monday, December 19, 2011

002: Gyu-Kaku

Gyu-Kaku, graphite and marbling, 2010

This year one of my pieces, Gyu-kaku was chosen to be featured in Jacket2. I was really excited when I found out that my work was featured twice- with my BFA classmates and for an article by Haunani-Kay Trask. I remember learning about Trask in my English class! Crazy!
Gyu-kaku came out of a lot of work that I have been doing about the human and animal relationship. I was walking around when I saw a guy dressed up in a cow costume advertising the restaurant, Gyu-kaku, a Japanese yakiniku restaurant. Interesting, yeah? Gyu-kaku is one of the first pieces where I ever used the marbling technique and I liked it so much I ended up using it for my work while I was in the BFA program earlier this year.

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